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See also antiquity ; future ; past. anachronism 1. a person or a thing remaining or appearing after its own time period; archaism. 2. an error in chronology. Also called antichronism.

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prevenience the act or state of preceding or coming before. prevenient, adj. prochronism the dating of an event as earlier than its actual occurrence. Cf. parachronism. prochronic, adj. quot;ety the proportionate frequency at which an event takes place.

Speed dating hoboken

gnomonology a treatise or other work on the subject of gnomics. horologe any instrument or device for telling time, especially a sundial and early forms of the clock. horologiography 1. the description of watches and clocks.

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Speed dating hoboken

metachronism a chronological error in which an event is assigned a date after its real one. Cf. parachronism. metachronic, adj. microchronometer an instrument for measuring extremely small time intervals. microchronometric, adj.

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